Chris Jones

      Marathon Finisher and Passionate Trail Runner #smiles4miles

      Chris is a keen distance runner, with a passion for using running as a way to explore and have adventures on a daily basis. He realised his passion for the sport as an 8-year-old when he toed the line of his first school cross-country race and ended up crossing the finish line in first place. He then went on to run competitively at the local level in 800 m, 3000 m and cross country races. Returning to running in his late 20s, Chris's focus now isn't on finish times (though a 3:17 min marathon, sub 1:30 min half marathon and 38:00 min 10 km aren't bad), but as a way of staying active and getting outdoors. He advocates the value of low heart rate training to safely build up your aerobic base and to use strength and mobility exercises to develop a natural running stride. He believes, if you get those elements in order, you'll still have plenty of gas in your tank to finish your races strong! #smiles4miles
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